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amsterdam: day 3

On our last day in Amsterdam we finally did the canal drive– very touristic and I liked it a lot, it offers a completely new perspective. And of course, we walked and walked- we cut across the Vondel- and Rembrandtpark. My outfit, like the days before: comfy. Xox Inga ♥

amsterdam: day 2

We started our second day in Amsterdam in a cute Cafè, eating delicious pancakes and typical poffertjes. With new energy we continued exploring the City. We went to 2 museums, the botanical garden and to the famous Iamsterdam– Letters. In the evening we had a yummy pizza and discovered a lovely candyshop. Afterwards we took a walk through the red light district– that may sound crazy, but it’s one of Amsterdam’s sightseeing tips, you can also book a tourist-trip for this 😀 I was wearing my zara-bomberjacket for the first time, I just love the print. What do you think? XOX Inga

amsterdam: day 1

Amsterdam, the city of canals and tulips, where you can find steakhouses and coffeeshops around every corner. We went to this amazing city last week- it only took 2 hours! We should more often do that. We stayed for three days, at our first day we visited the Zoo Artis, the oldest Zoo of the Netherlands. I loved it, we had amazing weather and the Zoo is so beautiful. Another tip: Thrill Grill, best burger ever (I’m still angry about myself that I took the Hotdog, which also so yummy, but the burger.. ;-P). Found the Tip on Instagram from this lovely blogger. My outfit: comfy and a big bag to carry all my stuff. Love, Inga ♥