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We enjoyed 3 weeks in Sicily hanging on the beach all day long and eating tons of pizza and gelato. But we also did some trips to see the picturesque villages in the area. There are 3 famous baroque cities which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Noto, Modica and Ragusa. We explored them in the afternoon and evening, strolling through the cute little streets. I can’t decide which one is my favourite, these three cities are unique and we’ll definitely visit them again soon 🙂 I hope you like the photos! Inga ♥

london calling II

During our trip to London we’ve been staying in the hotel ‚InterContinental London Park Lane‚. This 5-star hotel is perfectly located, next to the Buckingham Palace! The Breakfast was incredibly delicious and fresh, the omelet was cooked to your taste, which could be enjoyed with typical English tea. Thanks again to Otto and Two for Fashion, everything worked perfect! On our second day we walked through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, where you can find the Peter Pan statue (first image below)– my favorite story as a child 🙂 We also explored different quarters of London. For the next time in London, I’ll definitely do the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour (I’m a HUGE fan), which was unfortunately already sold out this time. Have a nice week 🙂 Inga

london calling I

The Styleticket of Two for Fashion, the fashion blog from Otto, has brought us earlier this month for a short trip to London. The trip was wonderful, I’ll tell you more about our hotel in another post. During these three days in the British capital, we explored the city by foot. On our crowded program we focused primarily on typical touri- activities 😛 On our first day we went from the hotel to the Buckingham Palace (when die Queen is at home, the red-gold-and-blue Royal Standard flag is raised), then to Big Ben (actually only the largest bell in the world-famous clock tower is called Big Ben) and London Eye, towards Waterloo and back in the other direction on the Thames to Oxford Street. On the way we passed Chinatown and Piccadilly Circus. On Oxford Street, we have scoured all kinds of shops, but didn’t bought anything except at Starbucks‘ 😉 In the evening it (typical!) started to rain, but except then, we had really perfect weather for a city trip. London -and that’s always …

summertime in london with baby- g

Since I knew that we’ll be flying to Lonodon, I couldn’t stop thinking of Notting Hill. As we experienced London by foot, there was no other possibility than sneakers- of course my beloved white converse. We had the best weather, so a cute summerdress has been the best choice. My second Baby- G watch in a pretty coral colour completes the look (here’s the first post). Do not forget the time during a sightseeing- trip! 🙂 The colourful houses and little cafés have been even more beautiful than I imagined them. I hope you like the photos! XX Inga

florida – key west

Key West, der südlichste Ort der Vereinigten Staaten. Nach einigen Überlegungen sind wir an unserem letzten Tag- und gleichzeitig dem ersten Tag des neuen Jahres, bis zum letzten der Inselkette der Florida Keys gefahren. Getragen habe ich an diesem Tag meinen schwarzen Triangl Bikini, (Jeansshorts), und zum ersten Mal meinen Sincerely Jules Sweater mit der Aufschrift less is more- das fand ich ganz passend 🙂 Ich hatte mich vorher umgehört und einige sehr unterschiedliche Erfahrungsberichte gehört- letztendlich bilde ich mir meine Meinung immer am liebsten selbst 🙂

florida – everglades

On one of our last days we explored the Everglades Nationalpark. I loved the nature and the animals, you’re so close to the alligators.  By the way: if you’re in the area, you should visit Arnold’s Wildlife Reserve, a rehab- center for animals. You will find it near Lake Okeechobee, which is also a nice place- but it’s that huge, you can’t get so close to it. Love, Inga ♥

florida – orlando

We visited the City Beautiful two times but online passing through. The first time we did a little shopping at the outlet International Dr– I liked this mall, the Victoria’s Secret store is huuge. The second time we visited the Lake Eola, luckily it was on a sunday and we explored the Farmers Market. There was a lot of cool and yummy stuff 😛 We tried the coconuts and had lunch at a beautiful restaurant with a view to the lake. Love, Inga ♥

florida – kennedy space center & cocoa beach

We started our little roadtrip in Miami and our first stop was the Kennedy Space Center. To be honest, that was not my idea, but I loved it! You can take a bustour, visit the cinema or fly a rocket by yourself via simulator. We spended the evening in Cocoa Beach, such a nice place even though we didn’t liked our dinner at the pier. Love, Inga ♥

florida – miami beach

After landing in Miami, we spended our first days in Florida in South Beach. Unfortunately I don’t have that much photos from the beach cause we weren’t lucky with the weather. Instead we explored the area, did a little sightseeing at the Art Deco Quarter and at the Ocean Drive. I loved this famous street and not just because of the Versace Villa. I also liked the Lincoln Road, a lot of cool stores and restaurants, where you can sit, enjoy a delicious meal and watch the people 😉 My two favourite restaurants around: the french café A la Folie for breakfast and the cuban restaurant Versailles in Little Havana. Love, Inga ♥