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if you’re going to san francisco

No, I didn’t wore flowers in my hair 😉 But there’s a lot of other stuff to do if you’re going to SF. What I loved the most: trying all the different kinds of seafood. So yummy. We took a ferry to Sausalito, you have the perfect view to the Golden Gate Bridge and to Alcatraz. Sausalito itself is very beautiful, I enjoyed sitting near the sea and having lunch. Seafood, of course. We also did some tourist- stuff like taking photos in front of the Painted Ladies (first photo above) and going to Lombard Street. I liked San Francisco’s flair a lot- so different than all of the other cities in California. Love, Inga ♥

sequoia & yosemite

We stopped by these two National Parks on our way to San Francisco, one day for each. You can spend weeks or even month there- each one has more than 3000 km ². The first day we’ve been at the Sequoia National Park. It has the biggest trees in the whole world, so impressive. Also there are a lot of animals, we made a new friend: a black bear. They might be dangerous, but they are not that interested in humans. The next day we went to the Yosemite National Park. Obviously it’s the more popular one- it’s visited by more people, it’s easier to drive because of more signs and you can buy food at different places. In the Yosemite Park there is a lot more water: rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Especially we liked the last one- found a little lake under the waterfall where you can go swimming. The water is icecold, but it’s been such an amazing experience. If you only want to visit one Park at the Westcoast, I’d recommend the …

vegas, baby!

Since I’ve seen the movie ‚hangover‘ with sweet sixteen, there was one city more on my bucket list. We had a short, but great time in Las Vegas: I won 20 bucks at a slot machine, saw Taylor Swift filming at our hotel’s pool and went to a Charles Bradley Concert at the Cosmopolitan’s rooftop. I can also recommend Peggy Sue’s Diner- visited it twice, you can’t miss it when you are travelling from SoCal 🙂 Las Vegas is a definitive must- see, I enjoyed it a lot- on the other hand I think I couldn’t stay longer than a few days ;-P Love, Inga

palm springsteen

Hello october! I’m in America since almost 2 month now. The last one we spended a lot with travelling, that’s why I wasn’t able to blog- but now I’m back with 30000 taken pictures haha 🙂 As I told you in my last post, the tramway in Palm Springs was closed so we came back one week later and it was totally worth it. Even the drive up to the mountains is spectacular, and if you’re up there, the nature is incredible. 15 minutes to bring you into another world. We spended 6 hours hiking in the mountains, it was so fun. Here you also find some pictures taken at the white water river during our first weekend in Palm Springsteen 😉 I hope you like the photos. Love, Inga ♥

palm springs

 We’ve spend last weekend in Palm Springs. It’s very hot over here- about 44 degrees. We were hiking at the White Water River and visited the Elvis‘ House. He enjoyed his honeymoon in Palm Springs in the lovely hideaway you can see on the photos. We’ll be back in Palm Springs in two days because the world’s biggest tramway was closed last weekend. But for now we are in Vegas 🙂 Love, Inga