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I’ve spend one semester studying abroad in San Diego, CA, USA. These 5 month (08/14 – 12/14) have been an awesome time, here you can read more about my personal experiences!

flashback: semester abroad & tipps

So meine Lieben, heute gibt es nun einen ausführlichen Rückblende- Post über mein Auslandssemester in San Diego von mir. Jetzt, wo ich wieder im kalten Deutschland an meinem Schreibtisch mit meinem Laptop sitze, kommt mir diese ganze Erfahrung, 5 Monate in Südkalifornien wie ein ziemlich verrückter Traum vor.

#deardiary – black friday

Black Friday ist wohl DER Shoppingtag des Jahres in den USA. In Youtube- Videos und den Nachrichten sieht man Menschen, die sich die Ware gegenseitig nur so aus den Händen reißen, schon stundenlang vor den Einkaufszentren warten und ja, es gibt leider wortwörtlich Tote an dem Tag.

#deardiary – one month left

Meine Auslandssemester hier in San Diego neigt sich langsam aber sicher dem Ende zu und es wird mal wieder Zeit für einen persönlicheren Post. In den letzten Tagen war ich immer recht beschäftigt mit Unikram, zwischendurch gerne Mal zum Strand, bin mit Freundinnen unterwegs gewesen, ein bisschen shoppen, dies und das 🙂

happy halloween!

Halloween is a really big deal in the USA. It was a little different than in Germany: for example it’s absolutely not necessary to wear a scary costume. We joined two house-parties and went to two clubs in Pacific Beach. Hope you like the photos! Love, Inga ♥

#deardiary – one month

I’m in sunny San Diego for more than a month now- can’t believe it. Time’s flying by. Soon I’ll start writing exams in classes, wish me luck 😉 Right now I’m sitting in the train to Los Angeles to pick up my better half at the airport. We plannend a lot, including weekend- trips (next weekend we’ll spend my birthday in Palm Springs), but also in San Diego there’s a lot to experience. That’s it with my update 🙂 Love, Inga ♥

#deardiary – matchday

Today was matchday: San Diego State vs Northern Arizona. We went to the football- game in the Qualcomm- Stadium, our team is called Aztecs. I loved the whole event: the cheerleaders, the kiss cam, the marching band and all that stuff- I‘ ve just seen it on television until today ;-P The game was great, the Aztecs won- but I think the whole athmosphere is more important. After the game we had burgers at In-N-Out. #perfectsaturday My outfit: comfortable and sporty (more or less). I bought the shirt for the game 🙂 Shorts as always and my beloved Converse. XOX Inga ♥

#deardiary – class crashing & other stuff

Almost one week since my last blogpost! And in this one happened a lot.. The first days we simply enjoyed life, strolling around in beautiful quarters of downstreet and eating the best food. On saturday we finally moved in our house. On sunday we went to a bonfire at the beach, I looved it! On monday class crashing has started.. very stressfull. Currently it’s very hot in San Diego (38 degrees) and I was at university the whole days. Today I was very lucky, I crashed successfully my two prefered classes. So I finally can calm down a little, go to the beach and relax 🙂 On saturday there is a football game, monday is no school because of labour day. Sending lots of love from Cali! Inga ♥

#deardiary – sweet life

This week we don’t have that much stuff to do. I really don’t have a lot to tell you, but I wanna show you some snapshots taken during the last few days in sunny San Diego. I can’t wait to move in our house and for the university to start classes. Really 🙂 If you wanna see daily pictures I’m taking here, follow me on Instagram! Xox Inga ♥

#deardiary – let’s go to the mall

I knew America is a paradise for Shopaholics like me, but as it’s my first time in the States, I had no idea, HOW awesome it is. On my first day we went to Fashion Valley, the next days I was busy with finding an apartement. As I could delete this from my to-do-list, we didn’t do anything else but shopping in the last 2 days. Yesterday we went to Downtown, where you can find another beautiful Mall, and today we went to the Outlet-Mall Las Americas, right on the border to Mexico. I found the most beautiful stuff at Levi’s, can’t wait to show you. Good night, sending you lots of love from sunny San Diego ♥

#deardiary – handling stuff

Hey guys 🙂 It’s only 2 days since my last blogpost but those were really turbulent. We visited the university for the first time, did our registration and got our ID. The SDSU is so beautiful, and huge- like a small city haha. The university offered a bus tour. So we drove to the most beautiful beaches in San Diego. I really loved Coronado, it’s southern SD, almost Mexico. And I can’t get enough of La Jolla, there are seals and sealions everywhere! You can go diving with them, can’t wait to do this 🙂 And there are sharks in La Jolla, but only kind ones haha 😀 We also signed the contract for our house, I’m so happy. The last photos shows you where it is located- between beach and bays. I’ll tell you more soon, and I’m constantly photographing EVERYTHING. Good night ♥